Mission dowsing rod - Reinhold König is looking for a well

How do you actually find underground watercourses that can be used for well drilling and geothermal energy?

Reinhold König is a foreman in the local network construction department and a specialist in searching for water.

“With my so-called angled rod, I can reliably predict whether there are water veins in the ground and also estimate the approximate depth. What cannot be determined is the amount of water. If on a piece of land water is found that can be used for different purposes, it is of course something special for the owners. Then you look into astonished and happy faces. Because having your own well or a successful geothermal well saves money”, says Reinhold König. The contact to his (potential) customers and his team is very important to him. "Being able to make a difference together - every hour is worth the effort!"

He has been working in the field of well construction / geothermal energy for more than 15 years. First as a construction worker; Since completing his advanced training to become a construction equipment operator and foreman, he is constantly on tour with two other team colleagues. Around 50 to 60 wells per year are drilled in this way over the course of a year. A varied and labor-intensive job. “The beginning was a challenge for me”, admits Reinhold König. Because he originally came from a completely different field of activity and a different industry." But I really enjoyed my job right from the beginning on and now I definitely wouldn't want to swap any more - the work outside and the variety of tasks are a real personal gain."

For him, the most impressive construction site so far, was drilling a well at a height of 1,020 m. “On the Osser in the Bavarian Forest – a mountain peak right on the Czech border – we transported our machines and equipment over the hiking trail and that in wonderful weather and a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. That was a really fantastic job.