Our Services

Company Pension

Within the company pension scheme you are able to pay a part of the wage directly into a pension scheme contract - free of tax and social insurance. In this case STREICHER also offers an employer contribution.


Occupational Disability Insurance

All employees can take out a disability insurance at particularly favorable conditions. STREICHER supports by awarding a grant of 15 % on the amount invested.

Group Accident Insurance

STREICHER has arranged a group accident insurance for all employees. This group accident insurance is not limited exclusively for the time at the workplace. Accidents within private life are covered and insured by this policy, too.

Health Practices

The company's health management provides to react to health effects of employees and changed psychological stress at an early stage. Apart from the extensive work safety this includes e.g. measures like an operative sports portfolio or orthopaedic office equipment.

Jubilee Payments

In case of particular periods of employment, wedding or children's birth employees will receive a special bonus.

Travel Allowance

If the residence of an employee is more than 10 km away of her/his STREICHER job site, the person receives a travel allowance of 0.40 EUR per kilometer.

Permanent Contract

Sustainability is important to us, especially for our workplaces. Therefore, we offer for almost every job a permanent contract already from the beginning.

Lift to Construction Site

For employees, who work at construction sites, we offer the possibility of lifts to the construction site. Therefore, we provide company vans.

Apprenticeship & Training

Besides more than 30 professions for apprenticeships within the commercial, technical and industrial sector, we offer several possibilities for individual training. This includes numerous courses and certified qualifications as well as trainings at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) or the Chamber of Crafts (HWK).

Modern Machines and Tools

Our workplaces are equipped with modern machines and tools. We invest continuously in ergonomic workplaces as well as in new technologies to improve our working conditions.

Free Parking Spaces

Most of our locations offer enough parking spaces that can be used for free by our employees.

Social Commitment

As a reliable and powerful company group we are aware of our social responsibility and support non-profit organisations and their events at a regular basis. We put great emphasis on the social sector as well as the sponsoring of schools and universities.