Construction of long-distance gas pipeline ZEELINK from Aachen to Mönchengladbach

Gas pipeline ZEELINK ensures the necessary conversion from L-gas to H-gas

Up to the year 2030, L-gas production will fall by about 90%. In order to be furthermore able to combine proven natural gas technologies with renewable energies, systems in households and companies must be converted to the higher-quality H-gas. This also applies to the associated gas networks. The ZEELINK gas pipeline ensures the transition to H-gas. The infrastructure project ZEELINK is part of the current gas network development plan of the Federal Network Agency: On behalf of Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE), STREICHER, in a joint venture, carried out two construction lots of the project with a total length of 61.3 km. The pipeline runs west of the Ruhr area and has a total length of approx. 215 km. The project also included the construction of a new compressor station near Aachen and three gas pressure regulating and metering stations.