Ecotec label: green technology for the future

To continue the topic on regenerative energy sources and to counteract climate change, within the business sector equipment technology STREICHER focuses in the construction of own products,

that are driven electrically, with hyrdogen or a fuel cell, among others. These efforts are summarised under a separate, appropriate label called ecotec. In line with the goal of decarbonisation, the ecotec label combines innovative technologies with future-oriented trends and essentially combines the issues of resource conservation, environment protection, energy efficiency and optimisation of the entire energy cycle.

STREICHER has already brought the first products with the ecotec label to marketability. The flagship is a fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig (HDD80-E), which has already been tested in practice successfully. Thanks to its electric drive, it combines a whole range of unique advantages – for example in emission protection. It is many times quieter than its predecessors and significantly reduces CO2-emissions. Since its market introduction phase this device has already won several awards – e.g. the German Innovation Award, category Machines & Engineering.
Also an own developed, electric welding tractor (PW150-E) has been successfully used in various projects of the company group. In addition to its new type of drive, it is mainly the operation of the caterpillar and crane via radio remote control that distinguishes it from a conventional model.
Certainly the first two products have proved the expertise, that STREICHER brings along on its way to a green future. Therefore, the product portfolio will be extended permanently.

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