A Christ Child in our own Ranks

In “real life” she is learning the profession of technical product designer.

At the end of last year, our trainee Judith Maierhofer had a different task − during the pre-Christmas season 2023 she was on a heavenly mission as the Deggendorf Christ Child.

The Christmas spirit has always been something very special for Judith. “The twinkling lights, homemade cookies, the Christmas markets in the area – all of that means a lot to me. For me, this also includes some traditions from my childhood, such as a self-made Advent calendar or keeping the door to the living room locked until the presents are given,” says Judith. So it's no wonder that the call in the Deggendorf newspaper “Christ Child Wanted” fell on fertile ground with Judith and her family. She wasn't able to let it go and soon it was clear: “I'm applying”. And ultimately she was successful with her application − on 1st December 2023 she opened the Deggendorf Christmas market. This was followed by numerous appointments in and around the city of Deggendorf.

Judith Maierhofer will have very special memories of this December 2023. “Here I was able to make the children especially happy and let the Christ Child take shape.”