Thomas Drexler – Electrician foreman

What does an electrician foreman do actually all day?

As answer for this question Thomas Drexler has a list of tasks at hand: "My range of tasks extends from the planning of new electrical installations, the electrical support of office moves and conversions, the supervision of the execution of new buildings to the procurement of material and the coordination of maintenance as well as repair and servicing work around the building".

Thomas Drexler has been employed as master electrician at MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA since 2017 – especially with the focus on building technology. For the above mentioned tasks he has to cooperate closely with the engineering office and the real estate department and also has to take care of the staff organisation. "And that is really fun - dealing with people, cooperation - that is an important basis for me", he explains. "And that the work is so varied”.

After his apprenticeship as an electronic technician for energy and building technology, that by the way he already completed at STREICHER, and several years of working as a journeyman, he became a master craftsman in 2016/2017. "That was a challenge once again! To start learning after several years of work. But it was definitely worth it", Thomas is sure. Apart from his varied daily routine he appreciates above all the good working atmosphere, the great colleagues and also the safe workplace at STREICHER. "I also think it’s great that the door to the boss is always open.”

What was the reason for the decision to take up this profession? "I always wanted to learn a skilled trade. Through the internship at STREICHER I became aware of electrical engineering. During the recent years STREICHER has grown strongly and my supervisor made the suggestion to take the master examination. Of course I could not miss such a chance!”