Michael Maier – Dual studies artificial intelligence

Since October 2019 Michael Maier participates in the dual studies programme of MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA. His area of expertise – artificial intelligence (AI). At the moment he spends a semester in Latvia.

What are the subject areas of the AI studies?
This course of study is new at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and  has been offered as one of the first bachelor studies in AI worldwide since last year. The focus is on programming modules – these modules form the basis of AI. Further emphasis is placed on autonomous driving and robotics. Important lectures within these fields are e.g. image understanding, autonomous robotics and machine learning. Moreover, Big Data and Human-Machine-Interface are fundamental for this studies.

At the moment you spend a semester in Riga/Latvia. What were the reasons for your decision?
Basically I was interested to find out how the research in AI looks like in other countries. The Riga Technical University (RTU) was a good opportunity because it is well-known for its AI research throughout the world. Therefore, I applied here. Furthermore, a semester abroad offers a lot of intercultural and linguistic training possibilites – due to this Latvia is an exciting place.

Which perspectives do you have during your practical phases at STREICHER?
The attraction is to build up something great, because STREICHER hasn’t used AI so far within the daily work. The project in this field is just starting. For example, we are currently launching an AI project together with the Deggenau Institute of Technology. The objective is to make an X-ray computer tomograph (RoboCT) more intelligent and to develop it to a smart one.

What is the added value of your dual studies at STREICHER?
Firstly STREICHER can benefit from the gained data and technology competence – especially for future projects within AI. Secondly I can acquire extensive programming skills during my studies. Often you get in touch to this only after the studies. With help of these abilities I hope to develop valuable AI applications in future.