Oberbürgermeister-Dieter-Görlitz Award for Maximilian Biller

Maximilian Biller has studied within dual course at STREICHER.

Maximilian Biller (1st f.l.) at the award ceremony

The topic of his bachelor thesis was the development of a concept for the launch of innovative amusement ride products through the example of ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG. Therefore, in July 2023 he was awarded for the Oberbürgermeister-Dieter-Görlitz-Preis, which is named after the former mayor of Deggendorf.

Within his combined study course Maximilian Biller first completed an apprenticeship as industrial clerk for foreign languages and then started to study business administration in the second year. During a practice phase he joined the ZIERER sales department and first immersed into the world of amusement rides. This branch was exciting for him and he also was pleased with the possibility to sell products with fun factor and thereby get in contact with different people.

Then Maximilian Biller was proposed for the Oberbürgermeister-Dieter-Görlitz award 2023 by the technical university. This award is transferred to young people, who have provided outstanding performances at schools or the technical unversity of Deggendorf. „I was surprised, that I was proposed for this award. And of course this makes me all the more pleased that I am one of the winners“, Maximilian Biller says. After his studies he is now active within ZIERER’s sales department and supports with his ideas and his commitment.