Patrick Kerschl – Instructor for construction mechanics

Since February 2019 I have been working as an instructor for construction mechanics at the Deggenau site. Therefore, I am the contact person for all trainees within this field.

Which professional stations did you pass through before your current position?
After finishing school I first completed an apprenticeship as a construction mechanic in the field of equipment technology – a varied apprenticeship in the metal sector, I think. After graduating, I immediately took over several jobs in drilling technology and service. About a year after the apprenticeship, I continued my training to become a master metalworker and welding specialist. Immediately after finishing my training I was able to apply the knowledge I acquired there and took over the management of construction sites, such as the installation and dismantling of drilling rigs within projects of our subsidiary DrillTec.

How did you find out about STREICHER?
Friends from my school days had started an apprenticeship at STREICHER already and expressed themselves very positively about it. That's why I thought it would be a good idea if I applied for an apprenticeship there as well.

What are your daily tasks?
I accompany all trainees of the industrial professions at the Deggenau site and take over their basic training in the metal sector – that means I instruct the junior employees in activities such as filing, drilling, turning, milling, welding and explain the operation of different machines. With this basic knowledge they are able to start into the respective departments. I am also happy to provide theoretical and practical advice in preparation for the intermediate or final exams. In addition, my tasks include carrying out small projects in the training workshop with the apprentices, trainees or dual students or co-organising job fairs or events for young people.

What does the first hour of your working day usually look like?
I usually spend the first half hour dealing with requests or tasks that are still open from the day before. Since the trainees start a little later, you still have the necessary calm – also to structure the new working day. And of course I like to get a cup of coffee! As soon as the trainees arrive I spend most of my time explaining and answering questions.

What do you enjoy most while doing your job?
I particularly enjoy working with young and curious people. The day is always varied and brings new challenges. After all, my apprenticeship and learning years are not that long ago – therefore I think I can put myself well into the position of the apprentices and meet them in a similar perspective.

Why do you enjoy working here?
In addition to the interesting and varied tasks, we are a great team and have a very good working atmosphere. There are a lot of laughter and everyone has an open ear if there is a problem.

What advice do you give your trainees for their future careers?
Take every opportunity that life offers you. Whether professionally or privately, dare to try something new, look behind the scenes and test what you enjoy.