62 meters of nature

With the construction of a green bridge (wildlife crossing) over the new main road 15n near Ergoldsbach, Germany, MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA made a valuable contribution to the protection of local wildlife. The complexly constructed vaulted building was completed in June 2019.

The route of the main road 15n runs through agricultural areas and the forest area "Galgenberg". Especially here, the construction of the new road represents a considerable intervention in nature because the road becomes an insurmountable barrier for the migration of animals.

A total of around 75,000 m² of earth was moved before the foundations were poured with around 1,700 m³ of concrete. The next step was to erect a supporting structure for the arched shell of the bridge vault. The concreting of the approximately 2,200 m² of arch with a total volume of around 2,000 m³ of concrete was carried out in three sections. Approximately 700 tons of steel were used for reinforcement. The clear width of the green bridge is 47.48 m, the total length is 62 m and the clearance is about 10 m.

Green and wildlife bridges enable wild animals to cross heavily frequented roads such as motorways, main roads or railway lines without danger. A green bridge has to meet certain requirements in order to fulfil its purpose. For example, green bridges usually have a width of at least 50 m, so that they are also accepted by larger animals such as red deer.

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