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TfK – Technik für Kinder e. V. is winner of "Gutes Beispiel 2019"

Out of more than 500 submitted projects " TfK – Technik für Kinder e. V." was chosen as winner of Bayern 2 competition.

As part of the Bayern 2 competition "Gutes Beispiel 2019" exemplary projects for a better society are being awarded. TfK was chosen by the Bayern 2 listeners as the winner due to its innovative projects. STREICHER congratulates to the win!

The aim of "TfK – Technik für Kinder e. V." is to inspire already young children for technical processes. For several years STREICHER actively supports the association. For example, since 2014 STREICHER provides a technical center where about 90 young technicians aged between eight and seventeen are trying out and research every week. They are guided by apprentices and former employees of STREICHER who are always available for the children to help with advice and assistance.