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Doing homework or exploring Mars?

At the Technical University Deggendorf (THD), Maximilian Apfelbeck explains to children what robots can do today

"Homework? My robot has already done ... " To say this sentence would be a dream for many children. The question whether this is possible as well as other topics related to robots, was discussed on 16th November in the lecture hall of the Deggendorf Technical University (THD). It was open for an hour to all technology enthusiasts 8 years and older. Maximilian Apfelbeck, head of electrical engineering and automation technology, told the young students of the "Childrens University" about what robots are capable of today and in particular talked about the developments of Mars robots in which the electrical engineer himself had participated. But homework, he advised, "you better do it yourself".

©Thomas Jenner - Maximilian Apfelbeck as speaker at the "Childrens University"