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External events

Fair "IKOM Bau" at the Technical University in Munich, 22nd January 2019
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Company fair at the regular school in Hermsdorf, 05th February 2019

Educational fair Kahla at the "Rosengarten" in Kahla, 06th February 2019

Job orientation day at the secondary school in Viechtach, 14th February 2019

Regional job fair "JOBStation" at the "Dreifeldhalle" in Apolda, 23rd February 2019
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Job fair Eisenberg at the city hall in Eisenberg, 08th March 2019
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Job info market Jena at the community center in Jena, 09th March 2019
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Fair firstcontact at the technical university in Deggendorf, 26th March 2019
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WORKing in Saale-Holzland district at the city hall in Hermsdorf, 30th March 2019
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Current jobs Pößneck at the "Rosentalhalle" in Pößneck, 06th April 2019
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Job orientation day at the commercial college in Deggendorf, 11th April 2019

Job information day and fair at the regular school in Dorndorf, 25th September 2019


Internal events

Job day at STREICHER Jena, 06th March 2019
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